Campaign Creation

Our team has formulated a process to help your business achieve its intended result for using the unique Motion technology.

The Mystique Process:

  1. We begin by discussing your goals and projected outcomes for using Motion By Mystique.
  2. A written proposal is then created.
  3. Once the project has been given the green light we:
  4. Gather all relevant facts, figures and images to strengthen your pitch.
  5. The core message that Motion will portray is drafted and finalised.
  6. Visual artwork is then finalised and confirmed.
  7. Any added features are confirmed *
  8. The bespoke Motion Brochure is then designed.
  9. Once signed off, film production and editing begins.
  10. Motion goes into production.
  11. Video master edit is finalised.
  12. Final changes are made to 'Motion' and videos.
  13. Additional tools such as video upload to business website are implemented.
  14. Finished brochures are delivered to you or your intended clients.
  15. Outcomes and results are evaluated.

*Mystique offers:

  • Custom designed videos
  • End to end video production
  • Video & artwork content message development
  • Headphone docs
  • Additional battery life & integrated memory
  • Additional video buttons