About Motion By Mystique:

Everyday your customers are being flooded with over 3000 advertising messages, and you're left wondering, "How does my companies message Stand Out AND Drive Response?"

Mystique introduces the revolution in print marketing technology… Motion! Combining the power of traditional print marketing and captivating video content with the targeting precision of direct mail. Motion By Mystique will generate a highly engaging campaign and get your brand message noticed by key target customers in an extremely impactful and memorable way.

A lasting Impression

As a direct result of Motion By Mystique's originality and wow factor it will encourage the recipient to show off their Motion Video Brochure to as many people as possible, which will dramatically increase the reach of your campaign. Through the combination of traditional print marketing and the use of high-resolution video, Motion By Mystique delivers exceptional ROI as well as leaving a lasting impression in the minds of all those who have viewed your brand message.

'How Motion Can Be Used'

The uses are endless!
Companies can use Motion for communication tasks such as:

  • Event Invitations
  • Corporate Brochures
  • Point Of Sale
  • New Product/Service Launch
  • Personal Promotional Tools

"Motion Features"

Motion By Mystique utilises the latest in ultra-thin LCD screen technology, which can be inbuilt into any traditional marketing media. Motion By Mystique can be purchased in a wide variety of screen and card sizes, which auto-plays the video when opened. The Video Brochure has the potential to hold up to 4GB of integrated memory and have a battery life of up to 8 hours. Motion also offers optional extras such as transfer cables and headphones.