Choose certified digital project managers for successful digital project management

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01-Dec-2014 11:23 PM

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We are living in the digital world where the majority of products and services can be researched – and in most cases – acquired online. Digitisation has contributed to a significant shift in consumer behaviour and to changes in the effectiveness of traditional business marketing and advertisement. Consequently, most organisations are looking to digital channels to provide better marketing return and to expand their products and services availability to customers. So is your business operating digitally? Do you have an effective digital strategy for growth? Are you confident your digital projects are being effectively managed? With more than 50% of digital projects failing each year, there are certainly risks with any digital investment. Hiring a specialist digital consulting firm is a smart decision to reduce the risk associated with digital project delivery, and to ensure your organisation’s digital objectives are realised.

A professional and experienced digital consultancy firm can assist your organisation to achieve your business goals by leveraging the digital assets and boosting the digital capabilities of your organisation. At these firms, you will find a team of experienced professional eCommerce Consultants, Online Marketers, Digital Strategists, digital project manager, Copywriters, Business and Technical Analysts. These consultants have many years of experience in the digital industry and will be able to guide your organisation in defining market leading digital strategies to yield optimum benefits.

These digital consulting firms offer an array of digital services including digital project management, Website audit and optimisation, digital audit, online marketing services and content marketing. A Website audit service plays a key role in evaluating and improving the performance of your business website, and ultimately evaluates the effectiveness of your digital assets for your organisation. Using this service, a business manager can obtain reports to review the way the website is actually performing for the business, along with recommendations to improve website performance.

For any digital project it is critical that your organisation chooses a certified digital project manager to implement the digital initiatives for your organisation. Given the subtleties of the digital landscape, and the pace of change in digital technology, it is important that an experienced and qualified digital project manager is engaged to ensure the successful delivery of digital projects. A professional digital consulting firm, will have certified digital project managers leading all key initiatives for clients. GEM Digital, a leading digital consulting firm based in Australia, provides expert Digital Strategy, Digital Marketing and Digital Project Delivery services to wide range of clients from a broad number of industries.

The unparalleled digital strategy expertise and market leading   digital services   offered by the specialist consultants of GEM Digital can support your organisation to achieve its digital objectives.