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pirater un compte facebook avec un logicielForum Participation - Participating in online communities like forums is also an effective strategy for building links and generating traffic.
Forums are internet message boards that allow you to start new discussions or participate in ongoing discussions about a variety of topics. Most forums allow you to participate by simply signing up for a free account with your e-mail address and very little personal information.Comment pirater un compte facebook Forums tend to be moderated, but unlike blogs, your forum posts are often posted for public viewing without having to go through a review process.

Adding value to the community increases the likelihood that your link and comment stay posted and that your site will bevisited by other forum participants. As mentioned before, participate in forums that are closely related to the theme of your web site, and try and find forums with a PageRank higher than 4, have high traffic, and possess a large number of relevant incoming links.

Don't waste your time submitting posts to forums that are unrelated to the content of your site. Acquiring links through forum participation works well to increase your rankings in all the major search engines as well as your overall site traffic from the forums themselves.
You can find these forums by using the search box in Google, Yahoo, etc. , by searching for a keyword or keyword phrase related to your site and adding the word "forums" at the end of your keywords. GOOD NEWS: You can also use the same code from above that you used for blogs, just change the word "blog" to "forum", next to the ‘inurl:'.
Video Marketing - I recently learned that videos are up to 50 times more likely to land on the first page of Google compared to standard text based websites. We all learn something new every day, and today was my day!