How to get Diamonds and Coins in Hay Day

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02-Sep-2014 10:16 PM


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Diamonds and Coins will be the two currencies in Hay Time and the diamonds are more valuable than coins.
You'll get more Diamonds every time you degree up, and it will probably be worth synching the overall game up with Facebook for some extra free Diamonds. At level 24 in Hay Time you can begin mining - another source of this precious currency.
Another way to have more Diamonds in Hay Day is to keep an eye out for the purple tickets that sometimes appear close to your newspaper.
Once you've watched a clip, you'll be able to claim a small number of free Diamonds.
Another smart technique solution to get even more diamonds would be to collect most seventy eight achievements (3 levels) Every time one of these levels is finished you're provided a ribbon and a couple of diamonds.
Through exactly the same menus, you'll can also challenge Game Middle friends by beating their scores or earn more achievements. Those challenges are sort of races where the first to perform the reward is got by that goal. Note: you need to claim the accomplishment reward in order to get it.
Finally you will be mining for Diamonds:
Zoom in to the mine
Leave the game
Start “Airplane Mode”
Get back to your Hay Day farm
Mine with the shovel 2-5 times
If you don’t get any diamonds, stay in the game until the disconnect appears.
Should you have virtually any questions relating to where by in addition to tips on how to utilize Hay Day Hack Coins, you possibly can e-mail us from the web site. Leave sport and hard close after that it. Turn airplane setting off - And you also have all of your shovels still, so you can try for diamonds again.
Once you get the diamond and you want to KEEP IT, you HAVE to go BACK to QUICKLY and settings switch off airplane mode prior to the disconnect appears.
Also, you need to work in small quick batches. Mine 3-5 instances and stop to wait for disconnect.. OR head to settings to turn away airplane and save the games progress.